How to rate clips in iMovie as favorites or rejected on Mac

Learn how to mark a video as a favorite or reject it in iMovie when you’re reviewing your clips. This makes keeping and removing clips easy, so you can use the best ones.

Rate clips as favorite in iMovie on Mac

If your movie has a lot of clips that you need to sit down and sift through in iMovie, it can be a daunting task. Luckily, iMovie offers a feature to rate your clips. You can mark a clip as a favorite or reject it. Then when you review your clips, you can be sure to use the best ones.

Here’s how to favorite and reject clips in iMovie on Mac.

Rate clips in iMovie

1) Open iMovie and go to the video project by clicking Project from the top. Alternatively, you can also be in the Media section to see all added video clips.

Select Media or Projects in iMovie on Mac

2) Select the clip.

3) Now right-click, hold Control & click, or choose Mark from the menu bar.

4) Pick Favorite or Reject.

Alternatively, you can select a clip in the Project Media area to see it in the Viewer and click the Heart to Favorite it or the X to Reject it.

iMovie Favorite Reject Mac

Clips that you mark as favorites will display a green bar across the top, while those you reject will display a red bar.

iMovie Favorite Reject Displays Mac

Review rated clips

After you rate clips as favorites or rejects, you can sort them in that Project Media area to make reviewing them simpler.

1) Make sure your project is still selected under Project Media in the Libraries List.

2) Click the All Clips drop-down box at the top of that area.

3) Pick Favorites or Rejected to see all clips within those ratings. And you can choose to Hide Rejected so those clips aren’t in the way.

iMovie Rated Clips Mac

Remove ratings from clips

If you want to remove the Favorite or Reject rating from a clip, this is just as easy.

1) Select the clip in the Project Media area.

2) You can right-click, hold Control and click, or choose Mark from the menu bar.

3) Pick Unrate.

You can also select the clip to see it in the Viewer and then click to unmark the Heart for Favorite or the X for Reject.

Currently, and unfortunately, this rating feature for iMovie isn’t available on iOS.

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