Apple shows off what you can do with iPadOS in new video

This week, Apple finally launched its next big software update for its iPad lineup: iPadOS.

And to help get people even more excited for what’s in the new software, Apple has published a quick video onto its official YouTube channel showing off “what you can do with iPadOS”. The video is only one minute and one second in length, so it’s not overly long. but it does get the gist across with some of the most oft-requested features.

Here’s Apple’s description of the video:

Introducing iPadOS. Now iPad is even more capable, with powerful new features, including effortless multitasking and desktop-class browsing. Learn more about iPadOS at

In the video, which you can watch below, we get to see how easy it is to quickly switch between apps in the revamped Slide Over. You can see how easy it is to shrink the software keyboard for one-handed typing, and also the fact that the keyboard supports swiping to input text.

Apple shows of how to screenshot an entire webpage, and just how easy it is to mark it up with the Apple Pencil 2. The new, more powerful Files app is shown off, along with the fact that the iPad lineup now supports USB drives and other external drives with iPadOS.

And finally, editing video.

Here’s the video itself:

So, iPadOS is now officially available. What are some of the new features you’re most excited about?