The new AnyTrans 8 helps you make a smooth transition to iPhone 11 [sponsor]

AnyTrans on iMac

Whether you’re ramping up for your first iPhone or upgrading to the iPhone 11, you need a simple way to make a seamless transition. You might want to migrate your data from Android, create a backup of your current iPhone for an easy move, or even erase data from a phone you’re getting rid of.

Whatever the case may be, one tool can take care of all of these tasks and more. AnyTrans is an intuitive iPhone manager that lets you transfer, back up, and manage the content on your device, all in one spot.

We have covered AnyTrans in the past for backups and transfers as well as AnyTrans for Cloud to manage files. But now, we have a brand new AnyTrans to introduce to you, AnyTrans 8. This latest version of AnyTrans gives you new features and enhancements that make managing your iPhone content easier than ever.

What’s new in AnyTrans 8

If you’re a current AnyTrans user, you’ll appreciate these new features and improvements. But if you’re completely new to AnyTrans, you can check out the other features and details directly from iMobie, creator of AnyTrans.

  • Redesigned user interface: Enjoy a cleaner appearance and simpler navigation to get where you need to go in AnyTrans quicker.
  • Phone Switcher: Transfer, back up, or erase your current phone content painlessly with this new feature.
  • Screen Mirroring: Mirror your iOS device screen to your computer over Wi-Fi and use screen capturing or screen recording.
  • Increased speed: AnyTrans 8 is now faster than ever when loading and transferring your data.
AnyTrans Screen Mirroring Mac

The AnyTrans Phone Switcher

If you’re preparing to upgrade your device, the new Phone Switcher feature in AnyTrans is likely one you’ll want to check out first. Here’s a summary of what this new tool can do for you.

Phone to phone

With the Phone Switcher you can transfer your data from phone to phone easily. Whether you’re making the switch from Android to iOS or upgrading to iPhone 11, transferring data is a simple process.

Backup to iPhone

Create a backup of your iPhone. You then have the flexibility to restore all of your content or just certain items.

Cloud to iPhone

Transfer data instantly and securely from iCloud or Google Cloud to your new iPhone.

Cloud to cloud

Move data between iCloud and Google Cloud. AnyTrans helps you do this securely and with little effort.

Erase phone

If you’re trading in or selling your current phone, you can erase the data in a single click.

Apps to iPhone

You can transfer apps and app data from your current phone to your new one without worries of lost content.

AnyTrans Phone Switcher Mac

Additional AnyTrans features

AnyTrans helps you manage your iPhone data, but doesn’t stop there. And even though we mentioned the new Screen Mirroring feature, the app gives you some other bonuses that you’ll find useful.

  • Device Manager: Sync photos, audio, videos, messages, apps and more.
  • Backup Manager: Create a full backup of your device, select specific data to back up, or restore your device from a backup with a click.
  • Social Messages Manager: Move messages from services like WhatsApp, LINE, and Viber from your iPhone to your computer so you never lose those important communications.
  • Ringtone Maker: Search by keyword, pop in a URL, drag and drop audio files, import from other devices or iTunes to create your own ringtone to fit your new phone.
AnyTrans Ringtone Maker Mac

Wrapping it up

Whether you want to create backups, transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, manage your device content, or mirror your phone screen, AnyTrans 8 takes care of it all. And before you get that iPhone 11, take AnyTrans for a spin with the free trial so you’re ready to rock that new phone.

Have you tried AnyTrans yet and if so, are you going to take advantage of the new features and improvements in AnyTrans 8? Let us know!