Apple Card’s 3% Daily Cash now includes purchases from Walgreens

The Apple Card, Apple’s first credit card launched in partnership with Goldman Sachs back in August, offers a quick and easy way to get cash back on a daily basis, depending on where you buy the things you want and need.

Apple has a tiered system in place for Daily Cash, with 1% available for all purchases, two percent cash back on purchases made with the Apple Card via Apple Pay, and 3% cash back on purchases from Apple directly, including hardware and software (and apps). But Apple also extended that 3% Daily Cash rewards to include third-party merchants, too, including Uber and Uber Eats.

And now it’s expanding yet again, according to¬†TechCrunch. The publication reports that Apple is extending the 3% Daily Cash rewards to include purchases made with the Apple Card via Apple Pay to Walgreens stores, on the Walgreens website, and the Duane Read pharmacies.

Interestingly, Apple can change these Daily Cash rewards partners at any time. So while Uber, Walgreens, and other Duane Read pharmacies are included right now, that may not always be the case as Apple could rotate options when it sees fit. Still, it’s good that Apple is expanding the 3% option to other merchants beyond its own.

Did you get yourself an Apple Card? If so, are you happy with Apple’s first credit card so far?