Benchmark for rumored iPhone 11 reveals 1 GB more RAM, general performance boost

The iPhone XR is probably going to be replaced later this month, and we may have our first look at a benchmark score for the upcoming handset.

The Geekbench score (via MacRumors), which was reached on September 2, reveals a variety of details for a device codenamed “iPhone12,1”. That has been rumored in the past to be the device production title for the iPhone XR’s successor, but, as you can imagine, nothing has been confirmed by Apple just yet. Still, the Geekbench score does show that the new handset does show some modest improvements compared to Apple’s colorful iPhone from last year.

Namely, the “iPhone12,1” will feature 1 GB more RAM than the iPhone XR if these Geekbench scores are accurate. That will bring the iPhone XR’s successor to 4 GB of RAM. That would line up with early rumors regarding the iPhone XR’s follow up, so this Geekbench score does at least suggest that will indeed be the case later this month.

The A13 processor inside the new iPhone 11 features four high-efficiency cores and two high-performance cores. It looks like it will have a modest bump in performance compared to the iPhone XR, showing a bump up to running at 2.66 GHz. The A12 in the iPhone XR ran at 2.49 GHz. The single-core performance in these latest Geekbench scores reveal a score of 5415 and a multi-core score of 11294.

So, it won’t be a massive boost in performance. However, it should be a nice bump up for anyone who’s upgrading from an older phone beyond the iPhone XR. How will Apple get iPhone XR owners to upgrade to the iPhone 11 (if that is indeed what it’s called)? We’ll have to wait and see.

Apple is set to unveil its next iPhone lineup on Tuesday, September 10. Are you already planning on upgrading this year?