Microsoft’s Outlook app for iOS adds Dark Mode, other Office apps in the works

Ahead of the launch of iOS 13, which will bring a system-wide dark mode to the software, Microsoft is adding the same feature to its Office apps.

This week, Microsoft is updating its Outlook app to support Dark Mode. The update plans were made public today in a blog post published by Jon Friedman. It’s starting with the Outlook app (for iOS, Android, and, and then Dark Mode will expand to other Office apps (SharePoint, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Planner, OneDrive, and To-Do) when iOS 13 arrives later this year.

Today’s fast and fluid world constantly blurs the lines between work and life, and we believe in meeting people where they are. Our tools are used to keep up to speed on everything from work communication, to personal events that include friends and family, to changes in shared documents. This often means viewing email, calendars, or files in places where the default white mode may be less suitable, like darkened airplanes, movie theaters, or in bed at night.

Our design research specifically focused on these contexts where folks would want to use Dark Mode, and the response was very positive. While some Dark Mode experiences can be neon or overly bright, people felt that Outlook mobile kept the kind of relaxed feeling you might want in a dimly lit living room or bedroom. They described the experience as comfortable, crisp, clear, and aesthetically pleasing, a nod to how Dark Mode can reduce eye strain.

The Dark Mode update for Outlook’s iOS app begins today. The update for the other apps will begin later this year.

Here’s a video showing off the new dark theme:

Are you excited about a Dark Mode for Outlook and Microsoft’s other Office apps?