Apple promotes ‘a new kind of credit card’ in video for Apple Card

Apple Card, Apple’s first credit card, officially launched to the public not too long ago. In light of that, Apple has published a new video to its official YouTube channel to promote it.

Apple on Monday published the new video, which is simply titled “Apple Card is here”, to promote its first credit card. The company continues to bill the product as “a new kind of credit card”, and boasts that it was created by the company and “not a bank”. Of course, Apple needed a bank to partner with to make the Apple Card a reality, and that’s where Goldman Sachs comes in. This is Goldman Sachs first consumer credit card, though.

Here’s Apple’s description coupled with the video:

Introducing a new kind of credit card. Created by Apple, not a bank. Sign up right on your iPhone, and start using your Apple Card in minutes. Learn more and apply now:

And the video itself, which measures in at just under 40 seconds:

Apple published a series of video tutorials for the Apple Card earlier this month, detailing the majority of bullet points that some potential customer might be interested in. And, in related news, the company released a support document on how to keep the physical titanium card clean, and detailed why someone might get denied for an Apple Card as well.

Did you apply for Apple’s credit card? If so, are you happy with it so far?