Coming soon to Twitter: Live Photos, following topics, DM search & more (still no Edit button)

Twitter is testing several new features that will be coming soon to its mobile app for iOS and Android, including support for uploading Live Photos, the ability to follow specific interests in the same way you follow accounts, a way to temporarily snooze notifications and more.

Twitter made the announcement about these upcoming features at an event with reporters yesterday. The Verge reported on them, here’s a quick laundry list of what to expect:

  • Live Photos: You will be able to share Live Photos on the micro-blogging platform.
  • Following interests: You’ll be able to follow Twitter-curated topics like sports teams, celebrities and television shows. A selection of tweets about topics you follow will be inserted alongside tweets in your home feed.
  • DM search: Your direct messages on Twitter will become searchable.
  • Photo re-ordering: You will be able to re-order the photos in a tweet after you have attached them to a new post.

From the linked report:

In a different test, Twitter is exploring letting users set up separate lists within the app to follow their individual interests. In a demonstration, a product manager mixed keywords and some individual accounts to create a new list adjacent to the home feed and accessible via swiping. ‘We think that altogether this will make Twitter a more powerful interest platform,’ said Wally Gurzynski, a product manager at the company.

Another planned new feature involves a faster way to temporarily snooze notifications. “You know when someone’s phone goes off in the theater? Or in a presentation? Or at the movies? Don’t be that person,” Twitter said. “We’re testing a way to temporarily snooze notifications on Android, just in case you go viral at an inconvenient time.”

This was actually discovered a week ago by Jane Manchun Wong. She spotted the experimental feature in the Android app a week ago, allowing users to temporarily snooze push notifications for one hour, three hours or twelve hours. As we reported yesterday, Wang also unearthed evidence of another new feature being tested that will make following conversations easier by optionally alerting you of new replies to a specific tweet.

These are all great and useful feature additions, but what the community has been asking for is that elusive Edit button that Twitter’s been allegedly testing that would permit people to fix typos and make other small edits to a tweet after it has been published.

What do you make of the aforementioned new features coming to Twitter? Any favorites? If so, which ones and why?

Do chime in with your thoughts in the comments down below.