Airmadic, WePop, Fairsplit, and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps of the week

In this edition of our Apps of the Week roundup we have an app for hunting down flight discounts, a photo/video editor that will make your content pop, and a super smart bill-splitter. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.


Airmadic takes an interesting approach to the whole travel booking app thing. It doesn’t just offer you discount flights, if you don’t find the right one, the app will keep search and then ping you when it finds something interesting. It also offers various filters to help you really fine tune your travel details, as well as protection against delays and cancelations.

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I think it’s fairly well known at this point that I’m a sucker for apps that offer special effects to help make your photos and videos stand out. And the latest one to catch my eye is WePop. It offers dozens of powerful photo and video effects and filters to really make your posts…pop. It’s a bummer that some effects are hidden by IAPs, but hey, that’s the world we live in.

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Fairsplit: Split the Bill

Fairsplit is your assistant to quick and fair bill splitting. The app was designed to calculate who ate how much and generate a report with settlements “who owes to whom?” Features include bill item scanning by photo, text reports for sending via chat or email and a sharp, intuitive interface. If you dine out with others enough to need something like this, check it out!

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Diorama Detective

Looking to get immersed in a new game this weekend? Check out Diorama Detective. The title has you solving lighthearted and quirky mysteries in a unique AR experience. Set in, of course, a diorama, you must use clues to physically recreate the scene of a mystery and uncover what really happened. There’s an original soundtrack, quirky characters, and much more!

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Looking for something a little more…puzzling? Check out Kubrix. It’s a game full of beautiful handcrafted puzzles and the developer clearly has sense of humor. Features include ‘a whole bunch of gradients’, over 400 inspirational quotes, ‘all right’ gameplay, and ‘some’ achievements. It also has leaderboards, an elaborate hint system and support for iCloud syncing.

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