Microsoft’s new ad for Surface Laptop 2 features a real life guy named Mac Book

In a fun nod back to Apple’s classic Mac vs. PC advertisements from about a decade ago, Microsoft’s latest commercial for its second-generation Surface Laptop features a real life guy, named Mackenzie “Mac” Book from Sydney, Australia. No, seriously.

Of course, our guy doesn’t shy away from recommending Microsoft’s Intel-powered notebook/tablet hybrid over Mac notebooks by singling out a trio of competitive advantages: speed, greater battery life and touchscreen.

Watch the ad embedded right ahead.

It’s true that Apple stubbornly refuses to offer a touchscreen-enabled Mac because ergonomics, but I think it’s somewhat disingenuous of Microsoft to say that the Surface Laptop devices outpace the Mac notebooks in terms of speed and battery life. In terms of speed, Surface Laptop 2 can’t touch the latest MacBook Pros with their speedy Intel Core i9 chips.

That’s not to say that Surface Laptop is garbage, quite the contrary — it’s an interesting, capable machine in its own right that could teach both iPad and MacBook Pro a thing or two in terms of productivity. To Mac fans, this won’t mean much because Microsoft’s machine still runs Windows 10, not macOS (even though Windows has come a long way since its Vista day).

The Cupertino technology giant used to poke fun at its competition back in the day. That being said, we don’t really mind a bit of lighthearted fun at Apple’s expense in the new Microsoft ad.

How about you?