PSA: The Apple Store website is down [Updated]

Without any warning (as is par for the course), Apple has taken down its digital storefront for a limited time.

Strong: The Apple Store website is back online. At the time of this update, no new additions or new products have been found on the site. No new Apple Card details on the site, either. The digital storefront was down for 24 minutes.

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At the time of publication, the Apple Store has been taken down. Apple’s landing page for the store says that it will be “Be right back”, and that the company is “making updates” while it is down. It adds that visitors should “Check back soon” and that’s about it. There aren’t any additional details to go on right now.

As to why the store went down? Well, that remains to be seen. It’s possible that Apple is planning on launching a brand new product, making it immediately available for potential buyers. However, it is also possible that the Apple Store is down only for maintenance.

Apple just launched a new MacBook Pro and a new MacBook Air, so another product launch could be a bit of a surprise.

When the Apple Store comes back up, and if there are any major changes or new products, we will update this post accordingly.