5 reasons that make VideoProc a great 4K Mac video editor for beginners [sponsor]

Mac video editor

Avoiding compatibility issues is crucial to enjoying your 4K, high frame rate and slow-motion footage across a myriad of devices. VideoProc can help with that. Rather than pile up a bunch of complex features you’ll never use, VideoProc is a focused app that’s very easy to use and includes a plethora of powerful features like hardware acceleration to ensure that your converted videos play back without a hiccup no matter the platform.

This article is brought to you by VideoProc maker Digiarty.

Mac users who would like to process and edit 4K footage, download web videos and process slow-motion, high-speed or drone clips often end up using a multitude of apps for these tasks. Unfortunately, many video editors today are not really optimized to take full advantage of the underlying hardware, resulting in sub-par performance on even modern Macs.

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Mac video editor

VideoProc by multimedia software developer Digiarty is a blazing fast video editing and processing software that takes full advantage of hardware acceleration. Despite its affordable price, it provides more powerful features than many higher-priced apps.

The 5 best features of VideoProc

VideoProc is a comprehensive video software that’s packed to the gills with a bunch of indispensable features which used to require multiple apps. Here are the top five features of VideoProc that I particularly liked, and think you will too.

1. User friendliness

The lightweight app is very easy to use, even for complete beginners.

The general purpose video editor packs in commonly-needed editing and processing functions for both beginners and advanced users. With VideoProc, you can easily cut, trim, merge, resize, rotate and flip your videos, apply filters or add subtitles, use pro-grade options to fix, deshake or denoise your footage, correct lens distortion and so forth.

Mac video editor

2. Advanced GPU acceleration

VideoProc supports full Level-3 GPU acceleration.

This allows the app to support 4K video editing on older computers without waiting forever because it relies less on slow Intel processors and limited RAM. Generally speaking, graphics chips in computers are significantly more powerful than the main processor. VideoProc supports hardware acceleration for Intel QSV, NVIDA and AMD chips.

Mac video editor
VideoProc doesn’t need the latest CPU because it relies on the power of your GPU.

What GPU acceleration does is hand off resource-intensive compute tasks related to video editing to the GPU. As a result, you can edit 4K video with VideoProc even on a slower computer, even while multitasking, without having to close all apps. GPU acceleration lowers CPU usage by about 40 percent.

In order to take advantage of hardware acceleration, simply tick the option labeled with the text “Nvidia/Intel/AMD Hardware Acceleration Engine” when processing your video. You’ll instantly enjoy up to 47x faster video processing speed on slower computers.

For more on the benefits of VideoProc’s GPU support, check out their website.

3. Edit 4K, large-size & slow-mo videos

As a rule of thumb, you typically need 15 gigabytes of RAM for editing up to 4K video with minor usage of background programs. The beauty of VideoProc is that it’s very lightweight. The app has a low memory footprint and it never crashed or froze when I was editing large videos that gobble up the RAM fast. I was even able to comfortably process awesome 240fps slow-motion videos shot with my iPhone XS Max and large-sized 4K videos captured at sixty frames per second that consume a lot of storage space.

process 4k video

I also used VideoProc to convert 4K footage show with my iPhone using the High Efficiency Video Codec (H.265) to the more compatible H.264 format. Rather than fiddle with a bunch of menus and complex settings manually, VideoProc did most of the heavy lifting on my behalf.

Just click the Video button on the main screen, pick your HEVC files and select H.264 (MP4) as the output video format in the Target Format column. Now select Browse and choose a folder on your computer where VideoProc will save the converted files, then click Run.

process 4k video
The amount of supported video formats in VideoProc is just incredible.

VideoProc goes to work, transcoding my footage into the H.264 format. Best of all, the conversion process keeps the original video’s quality intact, as well as its frame rate, bit rate and resolution, unless you choose to adjust these settings manually.

4. Powerful advanced features

If you want, you can optionally perform some more complex edits prior to the conversion process, such as cropping and trimming, adding a watermark or subtitle, adjusting brightness and contrast, rotating the clip and things of that nature.

process 4k video
Editing videos with self-explanatory, easy to use features in VideoProc.

You can even deshake or denoise your clips, apply fisheye correction, merge individual videos into a longer video, split a large video into a bunch of smaller clips and more. And of course, the breadth and depth of supported formats is easily one of VideoProc’s most distinguishing features—this app includes 420+ device profiles covering Android, GoPro cameras, drones, as well as popular video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram.

5. A bunch of nice-to-haves

Last but certainly not least, VideoProc includes other features that go beyond video editing, such as a ringtone-creation feature, iPhone screen recording without the annoying red iOS status bar, converting 3D video resources to 2D, the ability to transcode audio from any popular file format to iOS-friendly formats like AAC, MP3, AIFF and M4A.

The latter feature is necessary for hassle-free playback of foreign audio formats on your iPhone and iPad. And if you’re really last century, you can even use VideoProc to convert any type of DVD to an iPhone-compatible video wit just a few clicks.

process 4k video
Converting an MP3 song into an iPhone ringtone in VideoProc.

Aside from fast, hassle-free H.265 → H.264 conversion that I particularly liked, VideoPro’s built-in video download makes it simple to download online video from 1,000+ popular websites.

Summing up

Most people just aren’t adept at editing video.

I use and write about technology for a living. Yet, like many people out there, I’m just not skillful enough to use pro-grade apps like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro conformably, or at least not comfortably enough to do any real work and meet deadlines.

Mac video editor
VideoProc takes full advantage of your Mac hardware.

But with VideoProc, I started editing my first video after a few minutes. If I could do that, so should you. Anyone who’s on the lookout for an easy to use video editor capable of producing some professional-looking results without too much effort should give VideoProc a try.

Thanks to Digiarty’s limited-time giveaway you can grab VideoProc for free, but for a limited time. And don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win AirPods 2.

To learn more about VideoProc, visit the official website.

VideoProc system requirements

VideoProc requires a Mac with macOS Snow Leopard 10.6 or later or a PC running Windows 7 or later with a 1GHz Intel or AMD processor and 1GB RAM minimum. Supported graphics chips for hardware acceleration include NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 or higher, Intel’s integrated HD Graphics 2000 or newer and AMD’s Radeon HD 7700 series or higher.

The giveaway license is for one user and doesn’t include free updates. You can optionally purchase a license to use the app on multiple computers and get free updates.

The one-year license that lets you use VideoProc on one computer without limitations and get free update for twelve months is currently available half price at just $30, down from $60. There’s also a 1-computer license with perks like free lifetime updates and unlimited downloads of the up-to-date full version of the app, $36 for a limited time, down from $79.