Apple promotes Face ID in new ‘Nap’ ad [Updated]

Apple promotes Face ID in new 'Nap' ad

Touch ID was one of Apple’s major tentpole features for several years. However, ever since the arrival of the iPhone X and its TrueDepth camera system, the company has gone all-in with Face ID.

UpdateApple has uploaded a separate video promoting the fact that Face ID is more secure than Touch ID. Here’s Apple’s description of the 38-second video:

Securely log into apps, make purchases, and send cash right in a message. It’s even more secure than Touch ID. Face ID. That’s iPhone. Discover things you might not know about iPhone here:

And the video itself:

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Apple has routinely said that Face ID is far more secure than Touch ID, and that’s a message the company is sending yet again in a brand new advertisement uploaded to its official YouTube channel today. The new spot is 40 seconds in length, and shows a gentleman resting beside a lake when his iPhone gets a notification.

Given the relaxing situation, one might not want to have to reach up and use their fingerprint to unlock the phone. Face ID makes that a non-issue, as the man only needs to open his eyes and look at the phone to unlock it.

Unlocking it makes it so that the text messages he received pop up and offer more information, showing the full texts. This means the man can then decide to ignore them, which he does as he reclines back into the sleeping position to take in the rays and the nature.

Here’s the description Apple includes with the video:

Face ID is even easier and more secure than Touch ID. That’s iPhone.

“Nice” by Latroit

And the ad itself:

The ad itself is just as creative as one might expect from Apple, but it is interesting to see the company tossing Touch ID — even in a fun way. Though, the company is going full-steam ahead with Face ID, so maybe it makes sense to start underselling Touch ID. Of course, Apple hasn’t completely ditched the feature just yet, so maybe not.

Then again, there are rumors that 2020 iPhones will feature full-screen Touch ID, which would certainly be an interesting decision.

Are you happy with Face ID when compared to Touch ID? Or do you wish the company would offer the latter biometric security measure in newer iPhones as well?