Sileo updated to v1.1.4 with more Swift support, fixes for app crashes

The Sileo Team has been somewhat busy this past week, cranking out regular updates for the Sileo package manager, which handles add-on and extension installations by default on jailbreaks created by the Electra Team, including Chimera and Electra.

As it would seem, this weekend is no different. The Sileo Team announced the release of Sileo version 1.1.4 early Saturday morning via Twitter:

From what we can gather, this update continues the app’s ongoing transition from Objective-C to Swift as its primary programming language, a move that promises to increase the app’s overall efficiency and stability while simultaneously reducing its file size.

In addition to improve Swift support, the Sileo Team notes that Sileo v1.1.4 resolves a number of app launch crashes that have been reported as of late.

Like most Sileo package manager updates, the latest iteration is available from the default Chimera and Electra repositories on the respective jailbreaks. Sileo is not yet officially supported on Pwn20wnd’s unc0ver jailbreak, but a Sileo Demo can be deployed on non-jailbroken handsets for those who might be interested in trying the new user interface out and seeing how it works.

Have you noticed and discernible improvements in the latest version of Sileo? Let us know in the comments section below.