macOS Catalina brings a brand new, truly gorgeous Drift screensaver

The third beta of the macOS Catalina 10.15 software dropped earlier this week. According to a n ice find by Sydney-based Twitter user Jeremy Bank, the new beta has added a gorgeous new option to the Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane, entitled “Drift”.

Drift renders a colorful three-dimensional array of light trails, with each particle moving in a mesmerizing wave-like motion. As noted by 9to5Mac‘s Benjamin Mayo, the screensaver is rendered in real time by your Mac’s GPU (thank you, Metal!).

There are a few color themes to choose from, including Space Gray, Silver and the rainbow Spectrum, as well as a special setting which dynamically creates and adjusts hues based off of your current desktop wallpaper. And why should you care? Because Apple doesn’t change up the stock screensaver selection in macOS very often.

This thing is somewhat similar to the Winamp visualizer, no?

This isn’t the only Apple platform getting a brand-new screensaver choice.

In tvOS 13, for example, there’s a spectacular new underwater screensaver that looks truly stunning. Realized in partnership with the BBC’s natural history unit, Apple was able to capture some gorgeous 4K HDR footage of the sea floor and underwater life.

How do you like Catalina’s new Drift screensaver?

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