The Contacts app adds new relationship labels, easier Memoji creation in iOS 13

The Contacts app didn’t get much attention at this year’s WWDC, but Apple didn’t completely forget about it.

When iOS 13 launches, the Contacts app will have at least two new changes. This overview will be pretty quick as we look over the relationship labels and the inclusion of Memoji directly in the Contacts app.

So here we go.

New relationship labels

There are already plenty of different relationship labels to choose from in iOS when adding a contact, or editing a contact for that matter. But Apple says it is adding “hundreds” of new, more specific relationship labels. Apple says this will help users manage their growing list.

Create a Memoji

Now, in iOS 13, users will be able to create a Memoji not only for themselves, but for individual contacts, from within the Contacts app.

Labels, labels, labels

This feels like a checkbox update for the Contacts app. Nothing huge or anything, at least not when just looked at from these two features. But the Contacts app doesn’t need a laundry list of new features as long as it continues to be a stable option. Being able to create a Memoji for yourself, and for your contacts, right within the app is a nice touch, though.