iTunes in Windows will keep ‘the same experience’ it has now

iTunes is dead. Long live iTunes (in Windows). While Apple was happy to ring the death knell for iTunes in macOS, there was still some speculation swirling around as to what it all meant for Windows users out there using iTunes. Had Apple just killed syncing in Windows? Turns out that, no, Apple did not do that.

Apple has confirmed with ArsTechnica that iTunes is indeed “dying” on macOS, but it won’t be seeing the same fate on Windows. At least not yet. The publication reports that Apple will not be changing iTunes as it exists now for Windows users. No changes at all, in fact, as Apple says users will have “the same experience” moving forward, even as things take a very different turn in macOS.

The answer, it turns out, is not much. Apple says users of iTunes under Microsoft Windows will not see any changes. It won’t be broken up into several apps; it will work just like it does now. However, Apple did not provide any clarification about what support will be like for future features. The company simply says that Windows users will continue to have the same experience as before and that it is not announcing any plans to end support for iTunes in Windows.

However, as noted in the original report, things could change in the future. Apple’s statement is specific to right now, after all, and considering Apple is giving iTunes the axe in macOS, it seems inevitable that the company will do the same thing for Windows at some point in the future. The question, of course, will be when that happens.

Apple is not answering that just yet, though.

Apple is separating iTunes as we know it, branching it off into separate apps. With the public launch of macOS Catalina later this year, Mac owners will use individual apps for Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV. As far as syncing goes, that will be handled directly through Finder.

So if you’re using Windows, you get to hang onto iTunes for a bit longer. Are you happy about that?