5KPlayer is a powerful UHD player that turns your Mac into an AirPlay receiver [sponsor]

If you need a more capable, hardware-accelerated 4K video player for your Ultra HD videos, one capable of streaming your media from iOS devices or even mirroring the screen of an iOS device to your Mac via AirPlay, 5KPlayer is it. With this comprehensive media player, you can watch 4K and UHD movies on your Mac without stuttering, manage your media with ease, open all common video and audio formats without conversions and more.

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As part of the sweepstakes, you can download 5KPlayer for free.

Developed by DearMob and featuring an intuitive interface, 5KPlayer is a 4K video player capable of rendering all the major video and audio formats, including those not natively supported by macOS such as DIVX, MKV, WMV and so forth.

The app’s hardware-assisted engine is optimized for smooth playback of UHD and 4K videos regardless of the format and without having to rely on other codecs. Almost all the latest media formats are supported, including streaming media and 360-degree video. As a bonus, it even doubles as a DLNA and AirPlay-compatible media streamer.

It’s available for both macOS and Windows 10 so you get feature-parity across platforms.

Your Mac as an AirPlay receiver

AirPlay, Apple’s media beaming technology, lets you mirror the display of your iOS device on a TV via an Apple TV, which is required for AirPlay functionality because the set-top box is an AirPlay receiver. While major Smart TVs coming in 2019 will support AirPlay, macOS won’t let you use your Mac as an AirPlay receiver.

With 5KPlayer, you can effortlessly AirPlay the playing screen of music videos to your Mac or Windows PC from an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or another Mac or Windows PC. What’s more, 5KPlayer’s AirPlay support doesn’t degrade quality nor does it require any additional storage space. If you cannot use AirPlay because you don’t own an Apple TV, 5KPlayer will take care of that.

Thanks to support for screen recording, 5KPlayer can record your iOS device’s screen (with sound) from your Mac while using AirPlay Mirroring. Try doing that without 5KPlayer!

The app is also an AirPlay sender so you can wirelessly send music and video from a Mac to an Apple TV, AirPlay speakers and so on. All told, 5KPlayer is the easiest way to mirror your iOS device on a Mac or Windows PC without any hiccups.

DLNA features

Aside from supporting almost all foreign media formats and acting as an AirPlay receiver and sender, 5KPlayer makes it super easy to stream music and video between DLNA-compatible devices, like PCs and gaming consoles. What this lets you do is, say, stream songs from an Android phone to your Mac. Or, you can send a video from your Mac to a Smart TV, PlayStation 4 or Xbox, all without needing any additional software support.

Built-in editor

5KPlayer even includes a built-in media editor for performing basic manipulations on your media. Performing simple edits and cuts couldn’t be simpler with 5KPlayer’s ability to easily rotate any video, change the playback speed, adjust color balance and more. In addition, you can convert audio to AAC/MP3 files and extract audio tracks from videos.

To make changes to the media file while it’s playing, right-click on the player.

In conclusion

Other features in 5KPlayer that are outside of the scope of this article include a handy video downloader for saving videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo and similar video-hosting services. The app is also your region-free DVD player and a player for Internet radio stations that can receive radio from sources including the BBC, Heart, Capital, Gold and more.

These are some of the key features that make 5KPlayer a true UHD player. For more info, check out the DearMob’s website.

Download 5KPlayer for free

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