Instagram’s IGTV gets a new streamlined interface

Instagram redesigns IGTV's stream

It has been just under a year since the Facebook-owned Instagram launched IGTV, its platform for creators to publish original content for the platform. Since then, there have been changes along the way in an effort to get more people to use it. Instagram’s latest effort takes a more dramatic approach.

TechCrunch has the report on Monday. The publication details the changes that Instagram has been making to IGTV over the last week or so. Namely, it looks like the platform is learning from competitors like TikTok and Snapchat. First and foremost, IGTV is getting a new interface that Instagram hopes will get more people to not only tune in, but also stick around for a bit longer.

There aren’t any categories in this new, streamlined approach. Instagram’s IGTV has done away with them completely. There is no longer the side-scrolling interface, either. Instead, IGTV is making sure there is just a single feed of content, which should make it easier to find something to watch. Behind-the-scenes, algorithms work in the background to try and surface content you might like.

IGTV has also ditched its awkward horizontal scrolling design that always kept a clip playing in the top half of the screen. Now you’ll scroll vertically through a 2 x infinity grid of recommended clips in a what looks just like Snapchat Discover feed. Once you get past a first video that auto-plays up top, you’ll find a full-screen grid of things to watch. You’ll only see the horizontal scroller in the standalone IGTV app, or if you tap into an IGTV video, and then tap the Browse button for finding a next clip while the last one plays up top.

Instagram is trying to get inspired by TikTok’s feature set and Snapchat’s Discover design. Whether or not that will actually work, and get people to tune into IGTV remains to be seen. These changes are still pretty fresh, so any real impact will have to wait to be seen. Of course, Instagram makes changes all the time, all in an effort to keep engagement high.

Have you checked out any content from IGTV? Has any of it kept you coming back for more?