Sync iPhone data to Mac without iTunes errors – MacX MediaTrans license + AirPods giveaway [sponsor]

Transferring your iPhone data to a Mac or Windows PC isn’t a hassle-free affair due to various iTunes syncing errors that can quite often result in duplicate files, syncing inconsistencies and even data loss. One viable option is MacX MediaTrans by developer Digiarty Software, a versatile iTunes alternative for your Mac that resolves iTunes syncing errors.

The app lets you free up storage space on your device by transferring to a Mac your iPhone photos, videos, music, ringtones, ebooks, podcasts and more. And thanks to a limited-time giveaway, you can get MacX MediaTrans for free and start syncing your iPhone to a Mac like a pro

MacX MediaTrans giveaway

For a limited time only, iDownloadBlog readers can get the app for free and enter for a chance to win a pair of AirPods.

Digiarty is providing an unlimited number of MacX MediaTrans licenses for those who would provide their email address at the campaign page. Plus, three randomly selected winners will be awarded AirPods, a $159 value.


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This promotion is scheduled to on April 10, 2019.

Sync music to iPhone

Syncing music to iPhone is especially prone to iTunes errors that can results in a bunch of duplicate songs, playlists appearing out of sync and even disappearing libraries.

MacX MediaTrans overcomes any hiccups by letting you sync music selectively or in bulk by track, album and genre. Unlike other apps, MediaTrans supports content editing: you can change things like artist name, composer, release year and other meta data a lot easier than in iTunes.

Syncing music without any of the iTunes restrictions or error messages

You can add, delete and edit playlists easily with this app without annoying iTunes content limits getting in the way. And with seamless two-way syncing, you can even transfer iPhone music that was not purchased on iTunes, in addition to non-purchased music.

iTunes no longer provides ringtone creation functions, but MacX MediaTrans has you covered with the ability to create a ringtone from any song on your iPhone. You can even automatically convert music from other audio file types to the iOS-friendly AAC and MP3 formats.

Sync iPhone photos and videos

Syncing photos and videos through iTunes also is not a smooth sail either.

iTunes often cannot sync all the photos to your iPhone, and you’ll run into compatibility issues with photos shot in iOS’s default HEIC image format. Plus, large video files and movies are the worst in terms of iTunes syncing errors and issues.

MacX MediaTrans makes backing up and managing your media easy with two-way syncing and the ability to manage the items on your iPhone on the fly, on a file-by-file basis. Its built-in transcoding engine takes care of all video file format conversions so no manual work is required.

MediaTrans can auto-convert your HEIF photos into the JPEG format

Tick a box and the app will automatically convert your HEIC photos to the ubiquitous JPEG format to ensure compatibility. Similarly, protected M4V videos can be converted to the MP4 format at half size without quality loss. The engine is blazingly fast: it takes just eight seconds to transfer a hundred photos in 4K resolution.

As I’m sure you know, Live Photos are storage-heavy, taking up on average 2x more space than the regular photos. MacX MediaTrans lets you back up Live Photos to your Mac with just a few clicks. Any storage space gained by backing up your media to a computer can be used to take more photos and videos, install additional apps and so forth.

MediaTrans can make your purchased content like movies DRM free

MacX MediaTrans even allows you to delete any image from your iPhone’s camera roll or Photos library—try doing that in iTunes.

Encryption, DRM conversion & more

To protect your privacy and keep your content safe from the prying eyes, MacX MediaTrans allows you to optionally encrypt any photos and videos locally saved on a Mac. You can encrypt stuff selectively on a item-by-item basis or in bulk. Again, there’s no such thing as selective encryption in iTunes.

It gets even better.

Protected M4P files can be converted to the regular MP3 format. Contrast this with iTunes, which strictly prohibits you from converting protected content into a non-protected format. In fact, MacX MediaTrans will remove DRM from your iTunes purchases so you can access purchased songs and other copy-protected content without running into iTunes’ 10-device limit.

Using an iPhone as a USB thumb drive to transfer files

Topping it all off, the app can turn your iPhone into a USB thumb drive so you can save any file to it—be it your Office documents, apps, books and more—and easily transfer it to another computer without any restrictions iTunes is universally hated for.

No more iTunes syncing errors

The more you use iTunes, the more syncing errors you’ll encounter.

Aside from the ones we just mentioned, your iPhone may refuse to connect to iTunes at all. Wi-Fi sync seems to be particularly buggy as it rarely works reliably. Any time you encounter any of those issues, you’re likely to be greeted with the cryptic iTunes Error 54, which pops up when your iPhone cannot sync with iTunes.

Unlike iTunes, MediaTrans lets you encrypt files selectively

Hailed as a versatile iTunes alternative, MacX MediaTrans is so much better and easier to use than the horrible iTunes interface. Honestly, iTunes doesn’t hold a candle to the comprehensive two-way sync and the fast transcoding engine in MacX MediaTrans.

This is arguably the best way to avoid those iTunes syncing errors and the easiest way to transfer your iPhone data to a Mac so you can free up storage space on the phone. Best thing you grab your free copy of MacX MediaTrans before April 10 and see it all for yourself.