Apple Music is rolling out a redesigned Browse tab with enhanced content discovery

Apple Music’s Browse tab in the Music app on iOS and desktop iTunes has been redesigned lately around a much better playlist showcase and improved organization.

The Browse tab is the place where Apple Music subscribers can expose themselves to brand new music and personalized recommendations, as well as see what songs and videos are topping the charts, watch music videos and find genre-based curated playlists.

Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Daily Top 100: Apple’s popular playlist listing daily hits is now even easier to find right below the carousel at the very top of the interface. Available since last September, the Global Top 100 playlists are also much easier to find in the Browse tab.
  • Weekend Warrior: This is a new section with weekend-themed playlists. These playlists were available before, but they’re now definitely way easier to find.
  • Just Updated: Apple-curated playlists are dynamically updated on a weekly basis, but knowing when the playlists you follow have received new content is easier said than done. The Cupertino company has solved this discovery issue by listing all the freshly updated playlists across genres and moods underneath the Just Updated heading.
  • We’re Loving: Found near the bottom of the interface, this cool new section highlights music albums that have been recommended by the Apple Music editorial team.
  • Get Down Tonight: If you feel like dancing, this is where you’ll find the right music.

Browse tab is only visible if you’re an Apple Music subscriber.

Speaking of genre and mood-based personalized playlists, Apple yesterday launched a brand-new “Suave” multi-lingual playlist filled with R&B songs in English, Spanish and Portuguese from Paloma Mami, Rosalia and other artists from all around the world.

On a related note, Apple Music today highlighted a new collection of classical music aimed at celebrating the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s 100 year anniversary.

Mitchel Broussard, MacRumors:

This new area has albums, playlists and brief histories about the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s conductors, as well as relevant albums, music videos and an exclusive playlist curated by Deutsche Grammophon celebrating the anniversary.

By the way, no update is needed to get the redesigned Browse tab thanks to server-side changes. As a result of the silent update, the new Browse tab is a staggered release—try again in a few hours or days if you don’t yet see the new layout in Browse.

How do you like the redesigned Browse tab?

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