Apple is allegedly testing USB-C iPhones

Publications like DigiTimes and reliable analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo have been speculating that Apple might transition iPhones to the industry-standard USB-C connector this year, and now Bloomberg has corroborated those claims.

From the report:

Apple is testing some versions of this year’s iPhone line that includes a USB-C connector instead of the Lightning port that has been used on iPhones since 2012, indicating that the company plans an eventual switch, according to one of the people.

Lightning as Apple’s proprietary standard has had a great run, but USB-C is the future. Conceived by the USB Implementers Forum and released in August 2014, USB-C has become an industry standard backed by Intel, Apple, Microsoft and others.

Both USB-C and Lightning are reversible and have small footprint, but USB-C is the future.

It’s reversible and similar in size to Lightning while supporting features like faster USB 3.1 data speeds, USB Power Delivery for fast charging, Alternate Mode and so forth.

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Making the switch to USB-C on the iPad Pro lineup for 2018 was a no-brainer because Apple is positioning the tablet as a PC replacement and the USB-C port makes it easier to connect the tablet to a plethora of peripherals, including external displays, without using dongles.

What would be the rationale for doing the same on iPhone?

Moving to USB-C would make the new models compatible with chargers used for hundreds of other devices, like Android phones.

That makes a lot of sense.

Nekteck’s 90W USB-C charger is affordable and supports Power Delivery

Coincidentally or not, Apple is now allowing third-party Lightning to USB-C cables.

But wait, what about other new features?

This year’s iPhone models will include an upgraded Apple processor and use an updated Face ID sensor for unlocking the device and approving payments, the people said.

Just don’t expect any major design changes.

The handsets will otherwise look similar to the current models with larger changes expected as early as 2020 to accommodate plans for 5G networking capabilities.

“But how will people know that I upgraded?” immediately comes to mind.

Thew important thing is, USB-C is at long last coming to the iconic smartphone! Which begs the question: why make this change now after years of exclusively selling Lightning to USB-C cables if not because 2019 iPhones are indeed going to make a jump to USB-C?

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