Pwn20wnd drops unc0ver v3.0.0 pre-release with support for iOS 11.4.x, releases unc0ver v2.2.0 to the masses

Not long after the Electra Team released Electra version 1.2.0 with official support for iOS 11.4-11.4.1, hacker and uncover lead developer Pwn20wnd officially released unc0ver v2.2.0 to the masses and dropped the first unc0ver v3.0.0 pre-release in its wake.

Pwn20wnd made the announcements via Twitter Wednesday afternoon, noting that the unc0ver v3.0.0 pre-release is based off unc0ver v2.2.0 but with support for Brandon Azad’s voucher_swap exploit for A9/A9X/A10/A10X/A11 devices running iOS 11.4-11.4.1 in addition to the preexisting support for iOS 11.0-11.4 beta 3:

Unc0ver v2.2.0 public release

Unc0ver v2.2.0 is the single largest public update to the iOS 11-centric jailbreak tool since its conception. We’ve covered every pre-release to date, but we’ll sum everything new up for you below:

01/30/2019 – v2.2.0 was released for production with the following changes:

– Install Cydia Substrate if it’s not already installed

– Validate Cydia Substrate files and reinstall it if the validation fails

– Fix a bug in switching from Electra without RootFS Restore

– Clean up the kernel data structure patches to improve the performance and the security

– Remove Substitute support files in the filesystem

– Remove Substitute support links in the filesystem

– Uninstall Electra’s Cydia Upgrade Helper if it is present

– Improve preference management

– Switch to a more efficient versioning system

– Use a new implementation of the system’s libarchive to extract the bootstrap to increase the performance

– Update rsync to increase the performance and the stability of RootFS Restore

– Improve memory management

– Re-Extract bootstrap if it was extracted on a different iOS version

– Credit Saurik in the credits view for Cydia and Substrate

– Avoid writing to the disk when not necessary

– Add a verbose log window for the jailbreak

– Make the exploits slightly faster

– Make the jailbreak significantly faster and more performant

– Jailbreak itself now takes almost less than a second run (Exploit not included)

– Fix a bug in patch finder that would cause the sandbox escape to fail on certain devices

– Fix theoretical bugs

– Improve assertion to make it safer

– Fix a bug in logging

– Update bootstrap

– Enable overwriting files in the bootstrap extractor

– Performance improvements

– Makes experimental changes to the empty_list (vfs) exploit to improve the reliability of it (Credits to @GeoSn0w for the tip)

– Fix switching from Electra without restoring root filesystem

– Disable the experimental empty_list (vfs) exploit changes for now

– Fix certain error descriptions

– Fix RootFS Restore on certain devices

– Add a switch to hide the log window

– Decrease the app’s size from 81MBs to 25MBs by optimizing assets- Add a switch to reset Cydia cache on request

– Rewrite Cydia installation

– Install a local repo

– Remove bootstrap

– Hide the local APT repo from Cydia

At the time of this writing, unc0ver v2.2.0 is the latest public release available and is recommended for all users. If you have an earlier version of unc0ver already, then you can sideload the newer unc0ver app to your device with Cydia Impactor and run the updated jailbreak tool.

If you haven’t already downloaded unc0ver v2.2.0, then you can grab it from Pwn20wnd’s official GitHub repository.

Unc0ver v3.3.0 pre-release (public testing)

In addition to publicly-releasing unc0ver v2.2.0, Pwn20wnd dropped a new pre-release for public testing, this time dubbed v3.0.0. This is the first version of unc0ver ever to support iOS 11.4-11.4.1, and is a major leap forward for those who’ve been waiting patiently for a jailbreak on these particular firmware versions.

Citing Pwn20wnd’s GitHub page, the unc0ver v3.0.0 pre-release encompasses the following changes:

01/30/2019 – v3.0.0~b1 was released for public testing with the following changes:

– iOS 11.0 – 11.4.1 support for A9/A9X/A10/A10X/A11 devices with voucher_swap by @_bazad

Although the unc0ver v3.3.0 pre-release might seem tempting to those who’ve been waiting on iOS 11.4.x for months, it’s still considered a beta at the time of this writing. That said, it’d be wise to wait for the official public release unless you’re an experienced jailbreaker or developer and need an iOS 11.4-11.4.1 jailbreak immediately.

If you still intend to deploy the unc0ver v3.0.0 pre-release on your device, then you can download it here.

Just like Electra, unc0ver is a semi-tethered jailbreak which means you must re-run the tool after every reboot. That aside, it bundles a refreshed version of Cydia that has been optimized for iOS 11 and comes with Saurik’s official seal of approval.

If you don’t know how to use unc0ver, then you can follow our in-depth tutorial about how to install and run the unc0ver jailbreak. The unc0ver jailbreak supports all devices that run iOS 11.0-11.4 beta 3. Should you run into any problems while using unc0ver, you can report bugs to the developer here.

Are you excited about these particular unc0ver releases? Let us know in the comments section below!