Satechi unveils new USB-C Power Delivery portable chargers

Accessory maker Satechi at CES 2019 on Tuesday unveiled a pair of nicely designed portable chargers that offer both USB-A and USB-C ports compliant with the Power Delivery protocol, which was designed to allow devices to negotiate their power requirements.

The new Satechi accessories include a 75-watt dual travel charger and a 30-watt dual-port wall charger. As mentioned, both support the USB-C Power Delivery standard which protects both the charger itself and the device it’s charging by negotiating power requirements.

30W dual-port wall charger

This compact adapter can charge your USB-C device or fast-charge an iPhone 8 or newer via its 18-watt Power Delivery USB-C port. For those wondering, fast charging gets your iPhone battery from dead to half the charge in just 30 minutes. You can also charge your 2018 iPad Pro via this port, too (the tablet happens to ship with an 18-watt adapter of its own).

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For compatibility’s sake, you also get an additional 12-watt USB-A port for faster charging of your iPhone, iPad or some other USB device. Both the USB-C port and the USB-A port can be used to charge two devices simultaneously, like an iPhone and your iPad.

75W dual travel charger

The more powerful charger in Satechi’s lineup was designed with travelers in mind.

It has a pair of 60W and 18W USB-C ports compatible with the Power Delivery standard, plus a broad voltage input range (100-240V) allowing it to be used when traveling around the globe (with a plug adapter). Given its features, this is an ideal charger for on-the-go charging of larger devices like the MacBook Air models introduced in 2018, Nintendo Switch and more.

The accessory also includes a pair of extra USB-A ports for added convenience with a total output of 12W for easy charging of USB devices such as your iPhone and iPad.

On the go charging

These potable power bricks are ideal for on-the-go charging.

Not only do they have USB-C and support fast charging but can be used to juice up your 2018 iPad Pro or any Lightning device out of the box. If you would like to fast charge your iPhone, however, don’t forget you’ll need to purchase Apple’s Lightning to USB-C cable.

Both Satchi chargers that were unveiled today rock a foldable plug for easy storage, provide the 100-240V input range for worldwide support and feature a heat-resistant enclosure.

A USB-C charging cable is not included.

Pricing and availability

Satechi’s 75W dual travel charger is priced at $70 and available to purchase starting today from Amazon or the Satechi website. The 30W dual-port wall charger, priced at $30, can be pre-ordered starting today in Space Gray from Satechi.

It is scheduled to ship by January 31, 2019.