How to download iCloud photos on Windows and Mac

iCloud Website Click Photos

If you want to download the photos you have in iCloud to your Windows or Mac, you have a few different options. Whether you want to store them on your computer as a backup or edit them with certain software, you can grab them in a snap.

Here’s how to download iCloud photos on Windows and Mac.

Using the website

One way to download your photos regardless of the type of computer you have is by heading to Log in, click Photos, and then follow these steps.

1) Choose the Library or Album where the photos you want are located.

2) Select your photos. You can do one at a time, but if you want to download many, just hold down your Command key and click each photo. Unfortunately, you cannot select all images at once with a keyboard shortcut.

3) Click the Download selected item(s) button on the top right.

4) If you’re using Safari, you’ll be asked to choose from Unmodified Originals or Most Compatible per your preference.

iCloud Website Download Photos

For Firefox, you’ll be prompted to Open or Save the photo.

Download in Firefox Browser

For Chrome, you should see the photo in your Downloads.

Downloads in Chrome Browser

This will complete the download process for Firefox and Chrome. Note that your browser settings and download options may differ.

5) If you’re using Safari, click Download.

Using the Windows iCloud app

If you work with a Windows computer and also use iCloud, you probably have the iCloud app on your computer. If not, you can grab it from Apple’s website. Then, do the following to download all of your photos once you sign into the app.

iCloud Main Windows Screen

1) If Photos is not checked, you can check the box or select Options. Either action will pop open the Photos screen.

2) Check iCloud Photo Library or My Photo Stream depending on where the photos you want are located.

3) Check Download new photos and videos to my PC. You can click the Change button to choose a different folder location on your computer if you like.

4) Click Done.

iCloud Windows Photos Screen Download

Using the Mac Photos app

The Photos app on your Mac is the easiest place to download your photos from iCloud. Open Photos and then follow these steps.

1) Select the Library or Album where the photos you want are located.

2) Click one at a time while pressing Command to select several photos, or click Command + A to select them all. You can also choose a range of photos by clicking the first one, holding down the Shift key, and then clicking the last one in the range.

3) Click File from the menu bar and choose Export.

4) Select either Export X Photos or Export Unmodified Original For X Photos per your preference.

5) Follow the prompts to select the location for your photos.

Download iCloud Photos on Mac

Wrapping it up

When you want to download your iCloud photos to your computer, you have these simple options. Which one will you be using?

And if you’re interested in doing more with your photos, check out our tutorials on sharing iPhone photos using a link and  deleting multiple iCloud photos at once.