Scavengar, Bolt, Stories and other apps to check out this weekend

In this week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup we have an app for engaging in augmented reality scavenger hunts, an app for discovering and tracking new workout routines, and an app that helps you learn complex subjects. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.


Explore the real world and find the magic within your own neighborhood with Scavengar. Powered by computer vision and machine learning, this app lets you follow a scavenger hunt via augmented reality. You’ll complete tasks, solve riddles and collect items, and once you’re done, you can search for other hunts near you. Can’t find any? Create your own! Honestly this is a great idea, and definitely worth checking out this weekend.

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Bolt is the most straightforward workout tracker and discovery platform. With this app you can organize your exercise routines, find exciting new ones, and record your progress. Features include 200+ innovative and easy workout routines, tagging, and a streamlined workout planner. Whether you’re deep into CrossFit, or just want to try a little yoga, Bolt can help you get started and stick with it.

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With the Stories mobile app, you can master complex material without much effort—no matter how much experience or time you have. Each lesson includes handcrafted graphics, pleasant voiceovers and is prepared in a specialized ‘Story’ format. Now there are just a few courses available thus far, and they are hidden behind IAPs, but for students looking for help in their studies or those looking to shore up their education, this seems like it’s worth a look.

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Marbloid is a beautiful 3D marble runner unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Set in the restless mind of an entrepreneur, you must figure out how to escape the magic marble. Features include dozens of challenging levels, set in 6 different worlds, an original soundtrack, upgradeable power-ups and other perks, and much more. There are no ads, no IAPs and you can sync your progress via iCloud.

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Undisputed Champ

His face is sweaty, legs weak, gloves are heavy. There’s blood on his shorts already, feels unsteady. Check out Undisputed Champ, a boxing game forged in the likeness of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and other classics. The game has a nostalgic 90’s feel with pixelated graphics and a top-down camera view, and players must defeat a wide range of opponents as they work their way up the pro boxing circuit.

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