Apple launches an app development initiative for female coders and entrepreneurs

Apple on Tuesday announced its Entrepreneur Camp, a new initiative focused on helping female entrepreneurs and app makers create new opportunities.

As part of the program, the iPhone maker will host an intensive technology lab whilst providing specialized support and ongoing mentoring. Apple says this initiative is open to app-driven companies founded, co-founded or led by female executives. The applicants must also have at least one woman on the development team, a working app or prototype and “desire to leverage Apple technologies to benefit their mission.”

Tim Cook was quoted as saying:

Apple is committed to helping more women assume leadership roles across the tech sector and beyond. We’re proud to help cultivate female leadership in the app development community with the new Apple Entrepreneur Camp, and we’re inspired both by the incredible work that’s already happening, and what’s sure to come.

This camp will hold sessions on a quarterly basis.

A cohort of 20 app companies shall be accepted for each round and the pilot session will include ten companies. Sessions will be held once per quarter, with the pilot session scheduled to kick off beginning in January 2019.

Companies accepted into this app development initiative will be able to send three attendees to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters for a two-week immersive program, including one-on-one code-level assistance with Apple engineers, as well as sessions on design and technology. Each participating company will also receive two tickets to WWDC 2019.

For more information or to apply, visit