Chrome Add to Bookmarks iPhone

There may be times when you want to add a bookmark to Chrome for a site you’re visiting in Safari on iOS. For instance, maybe you use Safari as the default browser to open links from emails or texts, but sometimes use Chrome. Or, maybe you use Chrome on your computer and sync your bookmarks across devices. Whatever the reason, it’s really easy to do.

Here’s how to add a bookmark to Chrome directly from Safari for iOS.

Add Chrome as a sharing option in Safari

Assuming you already have Chrome installed on your iPhone or iPad, you have to make sure it’s enabled in the Safari sharing options.

1) Open Safari on your iOS device to any website.

2) Tap the Sharing button from the bottom.

3) Scroll to the right to see the apps in your sharing options. If you don’t see Chrome, then tap the More (three-dot icon) button on the far right.

4) Find Chrome in the list and move the slider to green to enable it. You can also hold and drag it to a different spot in the list if you like.

Safari Add Chrome Sharing iPhone

Add a bookmark to Chrome from Safari

Now that you have Chrome as a sharing option in Safari, the rest is simple. When you arrive on a site you want to share to Chrome, follow these steps.

1) Tap the Sharing button from the bottom of the Safari window.

2) Select Chrome.

3) Choose Add to Bookmarks in the pop-up. You’ll see a very brief confirmation that the site was added.

Safari Chrome Add to Bookmarks iPhone

The bookmarks you add will go into the Mobile Bookmarks folder by default, so they’ll be easy to find later. And, if you sync your Chrome bookmarks with all your devices, then you can access that folder and those bookmarks from your other locations.

Chrome Mobile Bookmarks iPhone

Wrapping it up

It’s common for a lot of people to use more than one browser and this little trick is handy if you use both Safari and Chrome.

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