How to only show stories from the Apple News channels you follow

apple news channels you follow

Apple makes it easy to filter content so you only see the stories and videos from the Apple News channels you follow on the app’s Today page. Here’s how to it on both macOS and iOS.

Most of us can’t visit every news site each day. Because of this, aggregators like Apple News have grown in popularity over the years. With these services, you can get immediate access to countless stories from across the internet. Despite this, there are times when less is more. During those moments, instead of wanting to see news from unlimited sources, you might want to stick with your favorites.

Show only stories from the Apple News channels you follow


1) Go into the Apple News app and under News > Preferences from the macOS Menubar.

news app preferences

2) Check the box that says Restrict stories in Today.

3) Exit the Apple News app, then restart it.

From now on, you’ll only see content in Today from the channels you follow. All other sources are blocked. To remove this setting, go back and uncheck the box next to “Restrict stories in Today,” then restart Apple News.


You can achieve the same result on your iPhone or iPad. In this case, you’ll need to go into the Settings app on your device and select News.

1) From here, scroll down until you see the toggle for Restrict Stories in Today, and switch the setting to the On position.

turn on apple news restrictions

2) Confirm your selection by tapping Turn On.

3) Be sure to restart the iOS Apple News app to activate the change.

From now on, the Apple News app will only show stories from channels you follow. You can uncheck the toggle to remove this setting.

Wrapping it up

On macOS or iOS, you can make a simple change so that you only see stories from the Apple News channels you follow. When you’re ready, change it back, to see stories from other sources.