How to enable and disable Apple News channels notifications

apple news october 13

Since the launch of iOS10, the Apple News app is gradually stepping up its game, not only vying for a spot in your widget Lock screen but also offering breaking news notifications for selected news channels.

You may have been offered to activate notifications when first time launching selected news outlets within News, however what’s less known is that this was not a one-time offer. 
In fact, it can easily be undone if you have grown tired of the news rolling in ceaselessly, but also enabled for many of your favorite sources if you have given it a second thought.

Tun notifications on and off for Apple News channels

Just follow these easy steps to revise your current subscriptions:

1) Open your News app on the home screen.

2) Navigate to your Favorites tab.

3) Tap the notification bell in the top left corner.

Apple News Channels Notifications 1

4) Select the channels you would like to receive notifications from or mute them.

Apple News Channels Notifications 2

And that’s it! Easy as pie, right?

If the selected notifications do not start popping up, delve into Settings > News > Notifications, and make sure the Notifications switch is flicked on.