Apple officially confirms half of iOS devices are running iOS 12

ios 12 market share

Apple has officially confirmed that iOS 12 is running on more devices than iOS 11. The milestone was reached just over three weeks after Apple released the iPhone and iPad update to the public.

According to a revised Apple Store developer page, iOS 12 is on 53 percent of iOS devices introduced in the last four years and 50 percent of all devices. Apple’s charts show that iOS 11 remains on about 40 percent of devices. Between seven and 11 percent of devices are using an earlier iOS version.

Apple first announced iOS in June. Besides offering significant performance improvements (especially for older devices), the update includes new features like Screen Time, Shortcuts, and ARKit 2. It also features personalized Animoji called Memoji, and more.

On Oct. 4, Mixpanel Trends said iOS 12 was found on 46.83 percent of iOS devices compared to iOS 11’s 46.21 percent. Those numbers are now 54.61 percent and 38.57 percent, respectively.

In recent weeks, Apple developers have been testing beta versions of iOS 12.1. That update should be released to the public in the coming weeks.