The best new features in macOS Mojave

Mojave's best new features

MacOS 10.14 Mojave’s best new features are definitely worth considering. These features include an all-new Dark Mode, redesigned Mac App Store, and much more.

Mojave’s best new features

Dark Mode

The signature new feature of macOS 10.14 Mojave is Dark Mode. Available in the General pane in System Preferences, the mode works with built-in apps that come with your Mac and many third-party apps as well.

Setting up Dark Mode is simple. You’ll also want to check out the two new dynamic wallpapers that change colors over the course of the day.


There’s a new way to organize your desktop files called Stacks. With Stacks, you can organize files into relevant piles based on file type or creation data, for example. You can also scrub through a stack using two fingers on a trackpad or with one finger on a Multi-Touch mouse.


With the macOS 10.14. Mojave improved Finder tool, you can quickly locate a file by how it looks. Additionally, you can now see all of its metadata and perform Quick Actions on files without actually opening the app. With Gallery View, you can scroll through big previews of your data to visually identify the one you’re looking for.

Quick Look

Another one of macOS Mojave’s best new features is Quick Look. With the tool, you can mark up a PDF, rotate and crop an image, plus trim audio and video. You can also share right from Quick Look, too.


There’s finally a simple way to create screenshots on Mac. With the new Screenshots tool in macOS Mojave, you can save screenshots and video clips too.

Continuity Camera

The new Continuity Camera feature shows yet again just how integrated iOS and macOS have become. The tool lets you use your iPhone to shoot or scan a nearby object or document and have it automatically appear on your Mac.

iOS apps on macOS

In the new macOS release, Apple is bringing iOS apps to the desktop for the first time. This includes the News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home apps.

Mac App Store

The Mac App Store has received a facelift with macOS Mojave. The first thing you’ll notice about the macOS Mojave Mac App Store is its broad use of space. Whether in the traditional Mac Light Mode or all-new Dark Mode, there’s a lot of white and gray here between the words, screenshots, and videos that takes some getting used to. However, after a few days of macOS Mojave testing, I believe the new design works.

Better Privacy

Apple promises it added better privacy controls on macOS Mojave. This has included better control of data, enhanced tracking prevention, and the introduction of automatic strong passwords.

What’s your favorite new feature in macOS Mojave? Let us know below.