How to use Apple News app on macOS

Apple News App macOS

Here’s a quick look at how to use the News app in macOS. The app is similiar to the iOS News app for iPhone and iPad.

Apple News app: a familiar look

Located on the macOS Dock, the Apple News app features a familiar icon that’s been slightly redesigned for the desktop. Like the News app in iOS, the app on Mac is divided into two main sections. On the left side, you’ll find links to the latest news stories plus links to your favorite topics and publications. The right side is where you’ll see content as you click on links on the left side.

Note: Changes made to the News app on macOS will also be reflected in the News app on iOS, assuming you’re using iCloud.

At launch

The first time you start the News app on macOS, you’ll be asked to select your favorites from a list of publications. By doing so, the app can begin showing content you’ll probably like the most.

News app favorites

1) To select your favorites, click the Like icon at the right of the publication’s name.

In the above example, Buzzfeed News, Fox News, BuzzFeed, and Business Insider were selected as favorites.

2) Tap Done after you’re done selecting.

The left side of the screen is made up of four main sections: Search, Following, Saved Stories, History, and Discover Channels & Topics. You’ll learn about each of these sections below.


Even without adding your favorite channels and topics, you can search for content in the News app. Just use the Search box at the top left of the screen to find channels, topics, and stories.

1) Type your term in the search box.

News app search

2) Tap Return on your keyboard.

In the above example, the search was for the “2018 apple watch.” Links to articles with that topic are showing on the left side of the screen. Search results are organized by Top Results, Stories, Channels, and Topics.

News app search find

3) Tap on a topic to see the article on the right side of the macOS News app. See above.


Under the Following section are three main areas: Today, Spotlight, and a list of your favorite channels and topics.

Today is where you’ll find a listing of the biggest stories of the day, based on the type of news you like and other factors. This section tends to get tweaked often and sometimes includes special sections including those covering major sporting events, elections, etc.

Spotlight, by contrast, is where you’ll find curated content picked by the News app’s editors. This section tends to get updated daily.

As you tap on the Like heart icon next to a channel or topic, it will show up on the list after Spotlight. As you can see above, the channels selected above are now showing up on the left side of the News app screen. Tap on the channel or topic to explore further. In the example, Business Insider has been highlighted.

To remove channels or topics from Following, select the Edit button then click on the red dash icon next to its name.

Suggested by Siri

In the next section, you’ll see a list of Siri’s suggestions. These channels and topics tend to be offered based on your previous behavior within the app, although sometimes you’ll see one put there randomly.

If you hover over the suggested channel or topic, you’ll see a Like and Unlike icon. By selecting the heart, the channel or topic will move to under the Following section on the list. By choosing the Unheart icon, the channel or topic is removed from the Suggest by Siri section and added to your Blocked channel list.

In the most recent screenshot above, notice People magazine is offered under Suggested by Siri.

Saved Stories

When you find a story worth saving, you can add it to your Saved Stories list.

1) While viewing an article you want to keep, go to the Mac tool and select File > Save Story.

2) Stories you’ve added to this list are easily accessible by clicking on Saved Stories.

3) You can remove stories from this list by going File > Unsave Story when the story is activated.


Under the History section, you’ll find every article you’ve clicked on in the News app. Apple uses this information to personalize your News app experience across all of your Apple devices including iPhone and iPad.

To delete content from History:

1) Click History on the left side of the screen.

News History

2) Select Clear. Once you do, you’ll see a message that says, “Apple News recommends stories based on your reading habits. Your choice affects all your iCloud devices.”

3) You can tap Clear History, Clear Recommendations, or Clear App.

Discover Channels & Topics

When you tap Discover Channels & Topics, you should see a familiar screen that welcomed you the first time you opened the Apple News app. Use this tool to add new content to your Favorites list.

Odds & Ends

Here are some other things worth discovering in the App News app on macOS:

  • At the top of every article, you’ll notice a Like and Unlike icon. Rating articles will improve your Apple News recommendations. Next to these icons is a Share button. Tap on this button to send the article through Mail, Messages, AirDrop, and more.
  • On the toolbar, go News > Preferences to turn off Siri recommendations, restrict stories that are blocked under Today, and restrict content with explicit content.
  • Under File, you can Like, Unlike, and Save/Unsave a Story, and manage your notifications, blocked channels and topics, and access the Discover Channels & Topics section. You can also Follow and Block a channel from this location.