Apple hires 3,500 people for India’s Maps development center, headcount to grow to 5,000

Apple has hired 3,500 people for their centre focused on Maps development in Hyderabad.

That’s according to a senior Telangana government official on Wednesday, LiveMint reported earlier this morning. The report states that the Telangana government invited Apple to build a facility there.

The company will hire 5,000 people in total but “there’s no time frame for that,” said Jayesh Ranjan principal Secretary IT and Industries told PTI.

When Apple opened opened the facility—located on the Waverock campus in Hyderabad, which is the capital of the Indian state of Telangana and de jure capital of Andhra Pradesh—it promised the project would create 4,000 jobs in the area.

According to a statement earlier this year, the $25 million office will be home to about 150 employees tasked with supporting Maps development.

The office will also have space for many contractors who will support Apple’s efforts locally. Occupying 250,000 square feet in Tishman Speyer’s WaveRock facility in the city’s IT corridor, the new offices launched last year.

Photo: WaveRock facilities in Hyderabad, India, courtesy of Tishman Speyer.