How to send Instagram polls privately via Direct

howto polls instagram

In addition to polling your Instagram followers by using the poll sticker in a Story, you can also privately send an interactive question to everyone in a big group conversation through Direct.

Before, the poll sticker only worked with Stories, allowing your followers to vote by tapping an option you’ve provided or sliding the emoji you’ve chosen, and see realtime results.

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The poll sticker can also be used in Direct, Instagram’s direct-messaging feature. As mentioned, you can have everyone in a big group thread polled or limit your interactive question to a one-on-one conversation. Before taking advantage of private polling in Direct, be sure to update your Instagram app to the most recent version in App Store.

How to use polls in Instagram Direct

Do the following to poll people privately on Instagram.

1) Open Instagram on your iPhone.

2) Open your Direct inbox by tapping the paper airplane icon in the top-right corner.

3) Hit the Camera icon to the right of the user you want to message.

howto polls instagram

Alternatively, tap a user or group name to open the conversation, then hit the Camera icon at the leftmost side within the text field at the bottom. You can also start a new chat by hitting the plus sign in the top-right corner, then select one or more contacts you want to message, tap Next and finally tap the Camera icon near the bottom-left corner.

4) Using the Instagram camera, take a new photo or video to send to a friend (tap the large circle that acts as a shutter button). Alternatively, import an existing item from the Photos library  by tapping the Camera roll button found in the lower-left corner of the interface.

5) Tap the Emoji icon near the top-right corner.

6) Choose the Poll sticker.

howto polls instagram

7) Type a desired poll question you’d like to ask one or more followers. Yo can optionally type your own responses in case you don’t like the default “Yes” and “No” answers.

8) Tap Done in the upper-right corner.

9) Move, resize and rotate the poll sticker the way you see fit. Feel free to take advantage of Instagram’s creative tools to add other stickers or interactive elements to your photo or video.

10) Choose how many times the recipient is permitted to view your media before it vanishes automatically from their inbox by swiping left and right at the bottom of the interface.

howto polls instagram

The following options are at your disposal:

  • View Once: Your recipient(s) can view your photo or video just once.
  • Allow Replay: This is the default setting. The recipient(s) can view your attached photo or video once, and then replay it one more time before it disappears from their inbox.
  • Keep in Chat: This setting keeps any attached media in your recipient’s Direct inbox so they can view your photo or video as many times as they want.

You’re now ready to send the poll sticker to a contact.

10) Tap the Send button at the bottom to shoot the message to your contact.

Your recipient(s) will see the photo or video along with the included interactive poll sticker.

Friends can then vote by tapping a response, their responses appearing automatically right there and then in Direct. When someone responds to your private poll, you can see how many votes each option received and how each person voted.

howto polls instagram

Polls in Direct is a very cool feature, regardless of whether you’re asking for a friend’s opinion or polling a bunch of people at once. By permitting the use of the poll sticker in Direct, Instagram makes it easy to privately solicit feedback about anything you’re passionate about from a bunch of friends, without anyone else seeing your question or their responses.

Don’t forget about the questions sticker

The photo-sharing service in July 2018 introduced a new questions stickers that could double as a great conversation starter. By adding that interactive sticker to your Story, you’re publicly asking your followers to submit questions for you to answer.

A screenshot showing how to use Instagram's questions sticker

As an example, you could take advantage of this feature to have your friends vote on the various proposals for that school project you’ve been working, or maybe you could use it for things like vacation planning with a group of friends in private messages.

Do you plan on using private polling on Instagram?

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