Support for macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode is available in iMazing right now

macOS Mojave features a striking new Dark Mode theme. Even though the software update won’t release commercially before this Fall, many developers have been busy optimizing their apps ahead of launch. Take, for example, Swiss developer DigiDNA which has already implemented Dark Mode support in its app for backing up and managing iOS devices, iMazing.

“We couldn’t wait for macOS Mojave 10.14’s official release and have already pushed an update with full support for Dark Mode,” DigiDNA’s Marketing Manager Maryna Dimova told iDownloadBlog in an email this morning.

With more than ten million users across the globe, iMazing certainly is not a niche app. Moreover, iMazing even supports the current iOS 12 beta.

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All you need to test out iMazing’s newly-implemented Dark Mode support is version 2.6.4 of the app, which can only be downloaded from the developer’s website due to Apple’s sandboxing restrictions for Mac App Store apps. Don’t worry. it’s a free update for all iMazing users.

iMazing and macOS Mojave’s default Light Mode look

Of course, you’ll also need a public or developer beta of macOS Mojave installed on your Mac before continuing. If you already have iMazing and would like to install the most recent version, choose Check For Updates from the iMazing menu.

Dark Mode in iMazing looks great

To see how the app looks like with a dramatically darkened interface, turn on Mojave’s Dark Mode: go to System Preferences → General, then click Dark next to Appearance at the top.

iMazing looks snazzy in Mojave’s new Dark Mode

I suggest manually selecting Mojave’s Dark Mode-optimized wallpaper to achieve the maximum effect. Even better, turn on Mojave’s new Dynamic Desktop feature to have your desktop wallpaper automagically adapt to the current time of day.


iMazing lets you take control of your data, sync and manage your devices without iTunes, browse the file system, delete individual files, access your contacts, calendars, photos, videos and other content, extract data from device back-up and much, much more.

You can grab iMazing directly from their website at