How to customize Slack notifications on iPhone

Slack Notifications on iPhone

If you use Slack as a communication tool for your in-office staff or remote team, then you probably know the app has handy notifications. And, the desktop application works with the mobile app to notify you when you are away from your computer.

So, if you use Slack on your iPhone, you should know there are several ways you can customize those notifications. You can see exactly what you want, when you want, on your iPhone with these settings.

Accessing Slack settings on iPhone

1) Open the app on your iPhone and log into a Workspace if necessary.

2) Tap the More (three-dot icon) button on the top right.

3) Select Settings.

4) Tap Notifications on the next screen.

Slack Notifications in Settings

If you see a message saying that push notifications for Slack are currently disabled, you’ll have to head to your Settings.

1) Tap Open Settings App on that Slack screen.

2) Select Notifications.

3) Move the slider to Allow Notifications.

When you go back to the Slack app and you should now see the Notifications screen with a list of options.

Slack Allow Notifications

Customizing Slack notifications on iPhone

Now you’re ready to customize the notifications you receive on your iPhone.

  • In the first section, make your selection from All new messages, Direct messages, mentions & keywords, or Nothing.
  • Next, choose your Sound from the big list of options.
  • If you want to Include a Preview of the Message in your notification, move the slider to green.
Slack Notifications Sounds
  • Then, select your timing for the Notify Me on Mobile. You can choose to be notified As quickly as possible which will send you a notification regardless of your desktop activity. Or, you can pick a time from one minute up to 30 minutes when you’re inactive on your computer.
  • The next section lets you Troubleshoot Notifications. This will check for issues with Slack settings, Device settings, Token registration, and Test notification. If any item has a problem, you will see an alert and description. Otherwise, green checkmarks will appear indicating no problems.
Slack Timing Troubleshooting

Go back to the Notifications screen and under General Settings, you have these two options.

  • My Keywords. If you choose the Direct messages, mentions & keywords option in the top section, this is where you add those keywords. So, if you want to be notified when a specific word or phrase is used in a channel, just add it here.
  • Channel-Specific Notifications. If you want to customize your notifications per Slack channel, this is where you configure them. Tap the plus sign from the top, select your channel, and then make your choices.

The last setting on the Notifications screen is for replies. Move the slider to green if you want to enable Notify Me About Replies to Threads.

Slack Keyword Channels Threads

Wrapping it up

With these small and simple adjustments, you can quickly customize Slack notifications on iPhone. And, if you use Slack on your iPad, you have the same basic customization options. Have you run into any problems with Slack notifications on your mobile device? Let us know.