Icon found in iOS 12 seemingly reveals new iPad Pro with thin bezel and no Home button

2018 iPad Pro conceptThe recently released iOS 12 beta 5 update continues to reveal secrets ahead of Apple’s Fall event, which could happen as soon as Sept. 12. The latest leak comes by way of a newly discovered icon that seems to confirm that this year’s iPad Pro models will be nearly bezel-free and come without a Home button. Both possibilities have long been rumored.

As 9to5Mac was the first to explain of the newly discovered icon:

The asset is part of the battery usage UI and it shows an iPad with no home button and thinner bezels. It wouldn’t be the first time a tiny glyph found in an OS reveals an unreleased product, last year the rumors about an iPhone with thin bezels were confirmed by the HomePod software leak.

Interestingly, the glyph doesn’t include a notch, which seems to confirm the new iPad Pro models won’t include the hardware component that houses the TrueDepth camera and Face ID on the iPhone X and is expected to play a central role on the 2018 iPhone lineup. This doesn’t mean, however, that there won’t be Face ID on the tablet.

It concludes:

The name of the asset specifies “iPad”, it’s new to iOS 12 beta 5 and there’s no references in the system yet, so it’s clear we’re talking about a future product, which will probably be the 2018 iPad Pro that is slated to be released this fall. We’ve seen other evidence in the OS that hints that Apple is preparing Face ID to support in landscape orientation, contrary to a rumor which claimed it would only work in portrait even on iPad.

Soon after 9to5Mac made this discovery, one of its writers, Guilherme Rambo took to Twitter and published code he says proves the new iPad Pro models will offer Face ID capabilities.

Apple’s likely to introduce two new iPad Pros as early as next month, including an all-new 11-inch model and third-generation 12.9-inch model.

Earlier this week, code was found in the iOS 12 developer beta 5 that suggested a landscape mode would be coming to the long-rumored 6.5-inch iPhone Plus along with dual-SIM capabilities. The same update included content that probably established that HomePod is gaining calling features this year.

2018 iPad Pro mockup courtesy of Álvaro Pabesio