ElevationLab’s new NightPad wireless charging mat supports faster 7.5W and 10W standards

ElevationLab, the makers of some of the most innovative iPhone docks on the market like the ultra-compact CordDock, today announced a minimal charging dock. Dubbed NightPad, it supports the faster 7.5-watt standard as well as the 10-watt Qi wireless charging capability.

The accessory features a consistent soft matte finish over its entire body. A raised support ring on the very outside edge ensures maximum support. There are no LED lights on the gadget to light up your bedroom and disrupt your sleep when you least expect it.

The accessory comes with a premium six-feet braided cable.

ElevationLab claims NightPad works through cases that are up to 3mm thick. “It works with thick cases like Otterbox,” the Portland-headquartered firm says. “We say 3mm thick max, but it tests through over 6mm of solid rubber just fine”.

Other notable features include automatic metallic rejection, underside vents for cooling and intelligent electronics with thermal management.

Thanks to the faster 7.5W charging standard that Apple supports, this accessory is able to change your iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 8 50% faster than standard Qi wireless chargers. “As an Apple MFi member, we have precise fixed frequency electronics that allow iPhone to accept up to 7.5W” whilst lessening radio interference, notes ElevationLab.

According to the company, plenty of wireless chargers on the market claim this, but in reality they max out at just 3-5 watts of power. And because it’s Qi-certified, NightPad works with all USB ports and is able to charge wirelessly any Qi-certified device.

It even supports Samsung’s 10W fast charging wireless feature.

You can get yours with or without the 15-watt QuickCharge 3.0 power supply (9V). Note that QuickCharge 2.0/3.0 USB power supplies are required for maximum power and for Apple’s faster 7.5W charging.

NightPad itself is a $39.95 value.

If you also need a 15W QC 3.0 power supply, that’ll be $49.95.