ElevationLab’s ultra compact CordDock for iPhone has a detachable MFi Lightning cable

Elevation Lab today unveiled CordDock, a curious $39 accessory which combines all the benefits of a dock, with the flexibility of a cord, in one ultra-compact design.

CordDock allows you to quickly undock your iPhone with one hand or rotate the phone forward if you’d like to pick it up and use while it’s charging. You can even take the braided cord with you to use as an MFI-certified Lightning cable for charging your iOS devices on the go.

The spring-loaded detents disengage with a 20:1 lever force when you rotate the phone forward, letting you undock by putting much less force on the Lighting connector than a standard dock. Cyclical loading is solved with a specially designed stainless steel and dual polymer connector that Elevation claims can take “several lifetimes of use”.

As mentioned, the detachable cable design makes it easy to simply pick up and use your docked iPhone without having to unplug the cord, which is great if you’d like to quickly respond to an urgent message, send a quick email or check news while the phone is charging.

Plus, it’s self guiding to reset the cord back in.

CordDock feature an ultra-compact form and a tiny footprint

CordDock’s tiny footprint is a fraction the size of other docks, even Apple’s. If you desk is a cluttered mess and you cannot possibly be bothered to make some room for an iPhone dock, you’ll definitely going to love how little area CordDock takes up.

I own their standard ElevationDock 4 and couldn’t be happier with it.

The back of CordDock has two dials that you can turn to adjust the distance, letting you charge your iPhone even while it’s in a case. CordDock fits cases up to 4mm, which is almost all cases except OtterBox ones. It also won’t fit extra thick 2-part cases like LifeProof.

Kudos to Elevation Lab, a vendor known for its family of innovative docks, stands and chargers, for coming up with a solution to the obvious problem. CordDock uses the same NanoPad micro air-suction solution used in their ElevationDock 4. Utilizing micro suction definitely has its advantages, especially when undocking your iPhone one-handed.

And thanks to its wide 90-degree head, the cord rests comfortably and strain-free on your chest so you can charge and user your iPhone while laying down, like on the couch or in bed.

Probably the smallest dock for iPhone, CordDock has minimal matte finish and features machined stainless steel and reinforced polymer construction. The Lightning connector, as I mentioned earlier, is MFi-certified. For those wondering, the accessory works with all Lightning-based iPhones and all Apple cases, including their bulky iPhone battery case.

Check out the promotional video embedded below.

CordDock might be “our most useful product yet,” they said.

If you’re surprised that accessory vendors are still making charging docks and similar peripherals that use old-fashioned cords now that we have Qi wireless charging on latest iPhones, don’t be. Wired charging is still way faster than any form of wireless charging. Plus, the wire lets you hold the device in your hand and use it while it’s charging.

CordDock is available in Black from the ElevationLab website for $39.