SemiRestore11 ‘un-jailbreaking’ tool for Electra1131 to be released “at any time”

Several years ago, Saurik released an un-jailbreaking tool known as Cydia Eraser so that jailbreakers could revert their pwned devices to a stock state any time they wished. But it hasn’t received any updates for some of the latest jailbreakable firmware versions, leaving much of the community in a state of confusion.

Fortunately, the Electra Team plans to change that. Team member Pwn20wnd announced on Monday the completion of an un-jailbreaking tool dubbed ‘SemiRestore11,’ which will roll back any jailbreak performed with Electra1131.

To quell some confusion, pwn20wnd initially referred to this tool ‘Rollectra,’ but later re-named it after acquiring control of CoolStar’s SemiRestore project.

SemiRestore11 takes advantage of APFS snapshots and the mobile_obliterator to take care of business, and it can allegedly complete this process in less than a second, which is rather impressive considering just how long it took Cydia Eraser to do the same job on earlier firmware versions.

SemiRestore11 will benefit jailbreakers that fancy starting over from scratch or folks that want to sell their jailbreakable device as is without updating its firmware version. After all, jailbreakable devices often rake in a bit of extra dough when sold to the right buyer.

While there’s no concrete ETA for SemiRestore11’s release at this time, the tool is now finished and Pwn20wnd says we can “expect a release at any time.”

Notably, the Electra Team is also planning to release a full Cydia replacement dubbed Sileo in one of the next updates to Electra1131.

Are you excited to have access to an un-jailbreaking tool for your pwned iOS 11 device? Share why or why not in the comments section below.