Unc0ver V1.0.2 released with fix for RootFS Restore issues on iOS 11.0-11.2.6 devices

Over the weekend, Pwn20wnd released unc0ver V1.0.1 to disable the integrated RootFS Restore feature because of a problem that appeared to impact certain handsets running firmware versions between iOS 11.0 and 11.2.6. But as it would seem, the clever hacker found a way to circumvent it.

In a bevy of Tweets shared Monday afternoon, Pwn20wnd denoted how the problem appeared impact handsets with pending OTA updates downloaded on them. Upon discerning the cause of the issue, the hacker responded by releasing unc0ver V1.0.2.

100+ new features in macOS High Sierra

Say hello to macOS High Sierra, Apple's newest operating system update for Macs. Whether you're on an iMac or one of the Touch Bar-outfitted MacBook Pro models, there is a lot to love in this latest release of Apple's desktop operating system.

Apple brings APFS to macOS High Sierra

Apple is bringing its renowned Apple Filesystem (APFS) to the macOS platform for the first time with the newly-announced macOS High Sierra operating system for Macs.

APFS first debuted in iOS 10.3 to replace the dated HFS, and the speed improvements were quickly noticed by users.

How Apple’s next-generation file system will make your data more secure across platforms

Apple's efforts on adding even stronger security to its software platforms is coming to light with news that the company is introducing a brand new file system with “encryption as a primary feature”. Called the Apple File System (APFS), the new feature is optimized for flash-based storage and engineered to “scale from an Apple Watch to a Mac Pro”.

Here's how it ensures the integrity and security of your data across devices.