Sonarworks True-Fi app improves the music on your Mac or PC

SonarWorks True-Fi

I’m not an audiophile and will never claim to be. Nonetheless, I know the difference between good audio and great audio. For the past few months, I’ve been testing SonarWorks’ True-Fi software for Mac. Priced at $79, the software alters the signal your headphones receive so that what you hear is closer to what the creator had intended. 

How does this work?

True-Fi is simply a collection of headphone measurements and their frequency responses. By knowing the acoustic properties of individual headphones, SonarWorks is able to apply corrections, thereby eliminating any potential errors along the frequencies.

True-Fi doesn’t work with every set of headphones on the market. Not surprisingly, many of the ones that are compatible with the technology are on the expensive side as you can see on Sonarworks’ always-updating list of headphones with support.


Among the headphones that are compatible with SonarWorks True-Fi are Apple AirPods and pretty much every current-generation device in the Beats lineup. If you don’t see your headphones on the list, Sonarworks accepts requests, although there’s no guarantee your device will be added to the list. Nonetheless, it probably doesn’t hurt when a lot of people put in the same request.

What’s Flat sound?

With True-Fi you get to experience so-called “flat” sound. In general terms, this is sound that hasn’t been altered by the many types of audio equipment such as headphones, amps, DAC, and the like. Flat frequency does take some getting used to, especially if you’re the type of person that loves deep, loud bass. Nonetheless, I’d be surprised if you weren’t impressed with just how much better your audio sounds using this technology.

Worth considering: SonarWorks True-Fi

You can learn more about SonarWorks True-Fi on the company’s website. New users can try the software free for 10 days.

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