Video Resizer, YourApparel, AdLottery, and other apps to check out this weekend

This week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup features a video editor and resizer, an app that helps you select outfits, and an app that pays you to watch ads (if you’re lucky). And as usual, we’ve picked two great new games for you to check out.

Video Resizer

Instagram’s new IGTV service allows users to post longer-length videos and it has some interesting features, but there’s one glaring issue: you can only post vertical videos. This means all of your landscape videos are no good—unless you grab an app like this. VideoResizer lets you edit the ratio of your videos so you can post them to IGTV and other services without cropping. You can match width and height, add captures and blur the background. I know these ‘squished’ videos don’t look great, but they are much better than their cropped alternatives.

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Tired of agonizing over what to wear? There’s an app for that. YourApparel helps you select outfits to wear based on the event or occasion, flattering colors and it even learns your tastes as you go. Features include a wardrobe management system with tagging and photo picker. So whether you’re going to a job interview or you’ve been invited to the social gathering of the year, you have a digital stylist waiting to help you look great.

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This one of those apps where it’s hard to tell if Apple is going to remove it tomorrow, or it’s going to become the next HQ. Basically, AdLottery is exactly what it sounds like. You watch short video ads within the app to enter yourself in a lottery drawing. The more people enter, the higher the jackpot grows, and one user is selected each day to win the money. Winners can deposit their cash directly into PayPal.

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JoyRide Entertainment

If HQ and Uber had a child, it would look like JoyRide Entertainment. It works like this: order an Uber ride and wait for it to come pick you up. Once your ride begins, the trivia game begins. If you answer all of the questions correctly, JoyRide will pick up your tab. Now it’s still fairly new, so there are some unanswered questions like does the app pay for your ride to Uber directly or does it just give you cash value? Still, if you plan on taking an Uber this weekend, this seems like an app/game worth checking out.

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Fuse Balls

Fuse Balls was created with inspirations of minimalistic art design. Circles of various colors fall towards a center gravitational force creating smooth transitions and requiring color matching to fuse circles. The fun part about the game is how gravity reacts to circles, the circle gravity movements, music, and sound effects help with proving an unique game experience from a very basic match 3 game concept that can challenge the basic or advance player.

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