Hands-on video walkthrough: all the new features and changes in iOS 12 beta 2

Released yesterday, iOS 12 beta 2 packs in several new features and a bunch of tweaks and feature changes, and now you can see them in action in our hands-on video walkthrough.

iOS 12 beta 2: hands-on video

To tell you all about the latest changes and software tweaks, I have asked iDownloadBlog’s video guy Harris Haycraft to take iOS 1 beta 2 for a spin on his iPhone and iPad.

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Read on for the fuller list of changes in the second beta.

iOS 12 beta 2: the changes

The latest iOS 12 beta includes a few tweaks since the first beta, including:

  • New splash screen for the revised Voice Memos app
  • Refreshed Voice Memo settings
  • New splash screens are also available for the Screen Time feature
  • Individual Episodes in the Podcasts app now show chapters
  • Bigger font for the Media Types and Albums sections of the Photos app
  • Group FaceTime calls can be conducted between iOS 12 beta 2 devices
  • The Location Services arrow in the iOS status bar is smaller and has smoother edges
  • Tweaked Share sheet icons for Print, Create PDF, Copy and Reading List
  • Updated Add People glyph in the Notes app
  • Improved 3D Touch animations for the Music app
  • Siri supports Find My iPhone:  ”Where’s my iPhone X?”, “Where’s my iPad Pro?” etc
  • Now Playing indicator on chapters in the Podcasts app
  • Redesigned Start button in Control Center’s Timer widget
  • Notification Center now has a dedicated During Bedtime section
  • New Camera shapes are available in the Messages app
  • UI for authorizing content purchases now says “Scanning with Face ID”
  • Notification Center has a larger “X”
  • AutoFill UI for iCloud Keychain password popups has been tweaked
  • Spotlight shortcut added to the Browse section of the News app
  • Faster Face ID unlock animation
  • New splash screen for Siri Shortcuts in Spotlight
  • Redesigned SIM pin unlock screen
  • Smoother animations for Spotlight suggestions
  • Carrier details are back in Settings
  • Siri Shortcuts for apps in Spotlight shown with arrows
  • Improved Trending, smaller text in App Store search
  • New Personalization section in your App Store account settings
  • 3D Touch preview animation has been reworked
  • Time Travel settings no longer available in the Watch app
  • Blue AirPlay icon (when connected) in Control Center’s Now Playing widget
  • Cameras have been removed from the Notifications section of the Home app
  • Locks in the Home app has been renamed Doors and Locks, plus new glyph
  • Refreshed Memoji colors
  • Settings shows updated FaceTime icon
  • Lock screen on iPad now displays a brand new pulldown indicator
  • Usage Time in Settings → Battery has been renamed to Activity
  • UI for adding time limits to apps has changed
  • Updated Blinds glyph in the Home app
  • Screen Time now lets you view activity on any device by tapping Devices
  • Screen Time no longer provides a Clear Usage Data option
  • You can now toggle between categories, apps and websites in Screen Time settings
  • Screen Time offers more usage details for individual apps
  • Edit Apps option in Screen Time settings lets you add more app limits
  • The Automatic Update option works, pending updates installed later tonight
  • You can now turn off Siri Suggestions for individual apps in Settings → Notifications
  • Usage charts in Settings → Battery have been redesigned
  • iTunes & App Store settings include a privacy link to see how your data is managed
  • The clock in the iPad status bar now shows AM/PM
  • iPad now renders iPhone-only apps using iPhone 6 assets , not in Phone 4s sizes
  • Space bar trackpad works on iPhone X

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