Scout FM, Collections, Gooba, and other apps to check out this weekend

This week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup features a podcast curation app, a new image-based organizational app, and a beautiful note-taking app. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.

Scout FM

Welcome to Scout FM, where you can always find something great to listen to. The app is the rebranding of Subcast, and it creates “radio stations” based on the topics you love like science, history, politics, mindfulness, true crime and more. With several hand-curated stations, you’ll never run out of great content to listen to. While I’m a steadfast Overcast user, I love the idea of letting an app like this point me to new podcasts.

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Looking for an app that allows you to collect and organize your thoughts and ideas? Check out Collections. It bills itself as a “beautifully simple visual bookmarks app designed to help you and your friends keep track of your ideas, inspirations and adventures.” Now, let’s go ahead and point out the obvious that this looks a lot like Pinterest. Yes it does. But I look at it more like a personal notes app rather than a social network.

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Introducing Gooba, a new planet to take notes with a device. This isn’t a new app, but its recent updates have brought about a new interface that really caught my eye. It’s very sharp and modern, with a lot of white spacing, circle images and minimal buttons. Features include search, rich fonts, the ability to protect notes with Face/Touch ID, different themes and the ability to track subscriptions and other things.

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Forensic Detective

Test your investigative skills in Oxygen’s AR app, Forensic Detective: Inside the Crime Scene. Explore the crime scene in augmented reality to find clues projected onto the world around you. Use interactive forensic tools to analyze ballistics, compare blood samples, or review case files about the suspects, including their testimony and alibis. Race against the clock to gather enough clues to ID and bag the perp to prove you’ve got the goods by cracking the case!

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Justice Royale

Justice Royale is a fast paced Brawler with RPG elements, completely built for the mobile environment! Swipe and tap your way through out the city, battling reckless bicyclists, oblivious tourists, dangerous subway performers and much more. The city is depending on you to bring justice and balance to these mean streets, can you answer the call?

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