Storybeat, Dawn Calendar, Gemini Photos, and other apps to check out this weekend

This week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup features an app for making your social media stories bump, a minimal calendar/todo app, and an app to help you clear on the clutter in your Camera Roll. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.


With Storybeat, you can easily add your favorite music to your video and photos, with millions of tracks from top artists to choose from! The app’s music library is updated daily, with songs from every genre including reggae ton, trap, pop, rock and more. Other features include sound effects, voice recording, photo slideshows, stop motion shooting, panoramic and zoom effects, and you can even convert Live Photos into videos and boomerangs. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, share your creation to Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more.

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Dawn Calendar

Looking for a new calendar and/or todo list app? Check out Dawn. The app offers integrated to-dos, reminders, subtasks and more to help you not only manage your events, but to manage your life. Other features include a gorgeous minimal UI, Calendar sync, Reminders sync, Today page and a calendar heat map view to help you pinpoint your busy days. You can also customize the theme colors for the app, and see all your important data at a glance with the Activity view. So it’s a beautiful, minimal calendar app packed full of powerful features? Yep.

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Gemini Photos

Remember the 20 photos you took to get that one perfect shot? They are still sitting on your iPhone and gobbling up storage. That’s where Gemini Photos comes in. The app scans your Camera Roll and separates them into good photos: those with faces in them, in focus, smiles and open eyes, and those that have been edited, and bad photos: useless images like screenshots and blurry photos, and then it lets you quickly delete the ones you don’t want. Now there is a subscription fee, so this probably isn’t for those with just a few hundred photos. But for users with thousands of photos to sift through, this is worth checking out.

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Faraway 3

Escape all-new distant places in Faraway 3: Arctic Escape, the sequel to one of the all-time best escape games with over a million players. Story: it’s been several years now, since your journey began, searching for your lost father. After unraveling a huge number of mind-bending puzzles, the last gateway you entered took you to an altogether new wintery continent filled with frosty, new temples to investigate. Are you finally getting close to finding your father? You’ll have to play to find out. The first 9 levels are free, and if you like the game, a $3 IAP gets you the rest.

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Pocket Run Pool

Pocket Run Pool is the return of arcade pool from the creator of Really Bad Chess and Flipflop Solitaire. Think of it as pool mixed with a high-score arcade game–in Pocket-Run, you get points based on which balls you sink and where you sink them. On the flip side, with each or scratch you lose a life. And if you run out of lives before you finish the table the game is over. Compete against yourself, the world, or the bank in a variety of different game modes. Again, there are some IAPs here, most notably $4 to unlock the full game.

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