WhatsApp gains inline Facebook and Instagram video playback, stickers coming soon

Facebook-owned WhatsApp bumped its App Store app this morning to version 2.18.51.

The refreshed software brings the ability to display Instagram and Facebook videos inline. This means that users can now play a link to an Instagram or Facebook video right within their WhatsApp conversation. You can even disengage the inline video from the chat screen and continue watching picture-in-picture while you navigate to another chat.

Tapping an inline video takes you to its source webpage.

Group administrators can now revoke admin rights from other chat participants. Simply choose the administrator you’d like to remove in the Group Info screen, then select the option Dismiss As Admin. Group administrators can also choose who can change a group’s subject, icon and description by going tapping Group Settings on the Group Info screen.

Mark Zuckerberg said at the recent Facebook F8 developers conference that new features like support for group video calling and first and third-party stickers are being worked on. Support for stickers is coming soon to the messaging platform, he said.

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