Instagram will soon let you upload multiple photos/videos to your Stories, all at once

Instagram is launching some solid improvements to Stories uploads.

The company says that iOS users will soon be able to upload multiple photos and videos to their Stories, all at once, versus having to add media items to a Story one by one.

While this and other improvements highlighted in this post are available on Android starting today, iPhone users can expect to see them in the iOS app in the coming weeks.

“Whether you want to preview your entire Story to make sure it’s just right or you’re waiting for a strong connection to upload all of your photos and videos from the day, it’s now faster and easier than ever to share to your Story after the moment has passed,” Instagram noted.

To use this feature, just tap a new icon at the top right corner of the media picker.

This lets you select up to ten photos or videos from your Camera roll.

On the Edit screen, you’ll see a preview of all the media you’ve selected lined up at the bottom. From there, tap each one to edit the item individually with stickers, text and all the other creative tools that Instagram provides. When you’re done, all of the photos and videos in your preview will upload at once in the order you selected them.

Location-based stickers are now easier to find when creating a Story because choosing the location sticker now automatically suggests places from near where that media was captured.

This behavior makes it a lot easier to “tag that great taco spot, even if you didn’t exactly remember what it was called,” in Instagram’s own words.

For further information, check out Instagram’s Help Center.

On a related note, Instagram’s super useful data-download tool is now available to everyone on the web at