Instagram launches promised tool for downloading a copy of your account data

As rumored a week ago, Instagram is today launching a handy new data download tool.

Available on the web via, it brings similar capabilities to Instagram users that their Facebook counterparts have been enjoying for years.

While the data download tool is currently available to everyone on the web, access via Android and iOS is still rolling out, an Instagram spokesperson told TechCrunch on Tuesday.

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If you have ever used Instagram parent Facebook’s account download tool, you should feel right at home. After submitting your request, you’ll need to wait up to 48 hours for the system to create a downloadable archive of your Instagram data.

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When your archive is ready, you shall receive a download link in your inbox.

Unpack the downloaded archive to browse copies of your shared photos, videos, Stories, as well as any exchanged messages, comments on your posts and more.

This feature¬†complies with the European Union’s upcoming GDPR privacy law.